A brief history of WBC.

The changing face of the interior of the building.

Early photo of inside the church
An early photograph of the inside of the church.

The date of this photo is unknown, but the chairs on the platform, instead of
bench pews and the lack of the reading desk suggest a date in the very late 1930's or 1940's.

One curious aspect of the photo is the narrow centre aisle as there were two
distinctive aisles clearly marked out in the flooring and running back from
the two outermost pillars. It is possible that the chairs were set out differently
for a special service or they may have been arranged specially for the photo.

If any past members of WBC can shed any light on this photo we would be
very pleased to hear from you.

Inside the church in 1975
The inside of the church building in 1975.

The layout of the platform has changed, but the pillars are still there.
If you look closely you can see that the chains between the pillars
are also still there.

Inside the church in 1999 Inside the church in 2002
The inside of the church building in 1999.

Quite a lot has changed. The pillars are gone opening up the
platform area and we have more comfortable seats!

The inside of the church building, June 2002.

Not a lot different from the 1999 photo.
The only change being to the layout of the platform area.

Inside the church in 2005 Inside the church in 2005
Two views of the inside of the church building. February 2005.

The platform area hasn't changed, but there us a major change to the layout of the chairs,
they are now arranged in a slight semi-circle with a centre aisle.

Inside the church in 2010
The inside of the church building in February 2010.

The main difference is that the screen is now on the other side of the church.

Inside the church in 2010
The inside of the church building in March 2014.

The main differences are that there are now two side aisles instead of a centre aisle,
the pulpit is now on the left, the reading desk is on the right and no longer on the platform.

Inside the church in 2015
The inside of the church building in August 2015.

Inside the old lounge Inside the new entrance
The inside of the rooms at the front
of the church in 2006.
The same room in 2008 after our
rebuilding programme.
The two photographs above were taken from about the same position.
As a reference point, if you look throught the sliding door in the left hand photo you can just
see a small access hatch, the same hatch is between the two chairs in the right hand photo.

Inside the new entrance Inside the new entrance
Two more views of the inside of our new front entrance area.

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