Dragon Sanctuary

The Dragon Sanctuary is my personal on-line photo album which I started in 2004. I hope you have as much enjoyment from looking at the pictures as I have in taking them. At the last count, there were about 290 pages (not counting the menu pages) containing somewhere around 6900 photographs and 100 videos. Many are of railways, but there's lots of other subjects to look at as well.

The site is divided up into various sections and there are two types of pages on this site; Index Pages and Picture Pages and both have a short menu at the bottom of the page. These menus enable you to easily move around within each section or return to the Home Page. Additionally clicking on the 'Dragon Sanctuary' logo at the top of Index Pages or the Dragon picture in the top left corner of Picture Pages will return you to the Home Page.

The site is updated whenever I have new pictures to add, which is quite often. The most recent major updates are shown on the Home Page. A full list of recent updates is available on the Updates and What's New links on the Home Page.

Dragon Sanctuary Video.
I have produced a number of slideshows and videos which can be found on the Dragon Sanctuary Video Page. Some of these are just slides set to music, some contain slides and video while the more recent ones are video only and in full HD. 'Dragon Sanctuary Video' is neither a club or a company, it's just the name I produce my videos under. Some have asked why there's background music on some of the railway videos because they'd prefer to hear the locomotives, so would I but sadly that's not always possible. The camera audio track is sometimes unusable because of excessive wind noise or loud and inappropriate comments by people standing near me. So I replace it with music.
Here's a thought, if you see someone using a video camera, keep quiet if you're near them because you could spoil their video.

Why Dragon Sanctuary?
The answer to that is far too long a story to put here.
The short answer being that I like dragons.

Where are the Dragons?
Some can be found hiding on various pages throughout the site. The City of London Dragons have their own page here. Most of the smoke breathing, er, creatures, can be found on the railway pages.

Use of the pictures.
All the photographs on this site are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. The only exception being their use as desktop wallpaper on your own personal computer. Please note that use of any photograph taken inside a museum or church etc will require the consent of both myself and the museum or church concerned. It is your responsibily to obtain these consents.

Use of the videos.
All the videos on this site are copyright and may not be used without permission. Please note that many of the railway videos are filmed on at heritage railways or railway centres who allow filming for private use only. Use of these videos for commercial purposes is not allowed.

If you like this site you are welcome to link to the Home Page or any indvidual page but please do not direct link to any of the pictures themselves. Thank you.

This website is dedicated to
my parents.

Dennis Boulter
1st June 1924 - 23rd September 2015.
Hazel Boulter
15th December 1924 - 10th May 2018

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