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My parents were founder members of WBC in 1934. My mother started the Girls Life Brigade - later called GB. My dad made tea for the Men's Contact Group every week and regularly took up collection. I have many happy memories and still keep in contact with people from that time. I was dedicated, baptized and married at WBC. A reluctant member of the choir ! I now live in Canada with my husband and son. It was lovely to see how the church has grown and flourished. .

Carola Holdsworth (nee Simms) British Columbia Canada.

Great to visit again. Also pleased to see Whitton Baptist activities and witness. God's richest blessings from Rodney & Nicola Fox (Coffs Harbour Australia).

please visit our web site and tell the others. this is a new christian Foundation. God Bless you.

Stefan Gitta ( Bethel Baptist. Satu-Mare. Romania.

Used to Worship at St Augustine's 30 years ago.

Michael Pike. St Luke's, Burpham, Guildford.

my name is bob whitton and my birthday is april 6th. how weird is that. oh well see you later.

bobby Whitton ( Christ the rock, menasha, good ol u s of a.

my name is bledar and I am form Albania, I would like to mor for you and for the church, and to know for everything. with love of God from Bledar

bledar ( the baptist church. Tirana. Albania.

I used to be a member of the Girls Brigade Company at Whitton, so I would just like to say that I'm very glad it is still going strong, providing guidence and enjoyment to all those who now attened. Best of luck in all that you do.

hannah frost ( Whitton.

It was lovely to visit the site. i remember much of the history as I helped Dennis Boulter with the Fortieth anniversary. I still recognise one or two people in the very clear photos. Happy memories, including the fact that I missed Martin Smiths induction as I was married at in the church at noon the same day!

Alison Herbert (nee Firth). Gorsley Baptist. Gorsley near Ross on Wye.

Thank you for linking Rodbourne Cheney Baptist to your most attractive new site. It is good to have fellowship in this way, and I will try to arrange for a reciprocal link in due course. If any visitors are ever in Swindon, do please come to see us - you will always be most welcome. May the Lord guide and prosper your work for Him, to His glory.

Michael Kemp. Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church. Swindon, Wiltshire.

iyam an american nun and i believe this site is rite 4 god to make avalable 4 kidz 2 c lol

the local nun. New York. USA.



What a delight! I'm Richard "Whitton" serving God as a minister of Jesus Christ in a Baptist Church in California, USA and I get to place a comment on a "Whitton Baptist Church" website in "Whitton" England. I pray God's continued blessing on your congregation.

Richard Whitton ( Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California. USA.

Very good web site. We are trying to develope our own. I used to have your updates but have changed email address. Every blessing in all your work.

Noel Hickson ( Winton Baptist Church. Bournemouth.

Thank you for the inspirational thought. I am always collecting supportive sites for visitors to my free self-help site for people struggling with low self-esteem and loss issues at

Sylvia Farley ( LDS. Newport, Isle of WIght.

Very good site. I think that more religious places should do this, very interesting.

Paul. London

An interesting read - will be back for the thought of the week....

Julie ( London.

I have visited your Web site. it is great & excellent. Really we will be praying for your church & its activities. In Christian service. Rajan P.M ( Pastor,Believer's Baptist Church )

Rajan .P.M ( Believer's Baptist Church, Pooventhuruthu.P.O,Kottayam 686012 Kerala State.

A big thankyou to you all at Whitton Baptist Church for making the 1st Kidderminster Boys' Brigade Company feel at home on our camp. A big thankyou to the 1st Richmond upon Thames BB for being there on Friday and Sunday and also to the fellowship of the church for making us at home. I felt even though we met for the first time that we were amongst friends. Again thankyou and I look forward to returning.

Graham Knight ( Milton Hall Baptist. Kidderminster.

I visited for the induction of Jennie Wakefield and could see why she chose to come to you. A lovely church with a warm welcoming atmosphere. I hope that Jennie will continue to bloom and grow during her ministry with you.

Ruth German. North Evington Free Church (Baptist). Leicester.

I'm looking to have a site built for our church here in NZ. Yours is fairly full-on and probably a wee bit ambitious for us to start with. Very good site with lots of good ideas for novices like us. Our site will be produced as part of a growth phase to help get us over the 200 worshippers barrier (we had 238 yesterday though). Keep up the good work - site-wise and church-wise. Yours in Christ - Peter Hill Property Deacon (soon to be 'Property Ministry Leader' I think)

Peter Hill ( Lincoln Baptist Church, Canterbury, New Zealand.

A very comprehensive & complete site, a little too much history for me, but very well presented. Our minister will serve you and the Church in London well just as she has in Leicester.

Ian Morris ( North Evington Free Church (Baptist). Leicester.

Visiting the site for the first time, it brought back many happy memories of my youth years spent at Whitton Baptist - from the age of 11 until I married there at 25. After our marriage we settled in Nottinghamshire and have been attending Heanor Methodist Church for the past 25 years. I am still actively involved in Sunday School work and am a Church Steward. I thank God for the good Christian grounding I received at Whitton and wish all friends every blessing - I still remember you all most fondly!

Barbara Pritchard (nee Moss) ( Heanor Methodist, Heanor, Derbyshire.

your site is very informative about your church. I initally came onto your site to find out if you had a girls' brigade company. I haven't long moved to feltham and I am looking to join a church that has a girls' brigade company as I would like to get back involved with the organisation. I myself went through the ranks in the girls' brigade and gained my queen's award and only left when i went to study in aberdeen where i was baptised. I look forward to meeting you all as I shall join you one sunday for your sevices

fiona stewart ( Feltham.

Enjoyed the new layout and found easy to explore. Our chuch website is
Our present senior pastor moves to Counterslip Baptist Church Bristol next month having been with us for over 13 years since leaving Spurgeons. He has been a great blessing to us all and will be greatly missed although we have a very capable assistant pastor in Garry Woodall who has been with us about 2 years. We know the Lord will continue to bless the ministry here at Seaford as another new chapter begins in the life of Seaford Baptist. We would love to meet anyone who is ever in the area and also welcome groups to use our premises during the holiday periods. A number of youth groups and Girls Brigade units come each year from the London area to spend a relaxing time in the country near the sea.
Christian love to all at Whitton.

Alan & Val Rogers ( Seaford Baptist Church, Seaford, East Sussex.

I was impressed initially when I first checked your site a couple of years ago when we were looking at designing ours. It has continued to improve and has always been impressive. It was interesting seeing the pictures of the worship seminar. One suggestion: it could be an advantage to perhaps show a slide of a summary of the main points learned at the seminar (if that is not subject to copyright).
Once again, congratulations on your site. I will try to visit your church if I return to U.K. again to visit my sister.

Bob Boucher ( Mitcham Baptist Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I am currently building a site for Sunbury Methodist Church, knowing how difficult it is to put an interesting site together, I would like to congratulate you all on doing such an excellent job. You must have a really dedicated web manager who puts a lot of time into this!! Keep up the good work, God Bless,

Tony Dolding ( Sunbury Methodist Church. Sunbury.

This is a very Impressive website i'd like to know how you built it. There is some very good information about the church and the local events.

Alan Gore ( Hounslow.

What a joy to visit your site and see pictures and details of your church. I am looking for ideas as I am building a web page for my own church. Thanks for the ideas - and God Bless !

Gary Plummer ( Ferndown United Church, Ferndown Dorset.

It was interesting to read about my Mum's church (Peggy Bidmead) and indeed, my old church back in the 50's when I was an active Sunday School member and a member of the GLB with Pearl Cheston. I enjoyed learning about some of the wider activities that go on which Mum doesn't take part in possibly due to her severe deafness.

Jenny Adolphus ( St Nicholas, Shepperton.

Your church has an 'ancient' look about it and seems to be quite a holy place. If your descriptions of the church and its activities are anything to go by, then you are blessed. I'm an Anglo Catholic but I attended a Baptist Youth Club as a teenager and owe the Baptists a lot; I have much respect for you and your mission and wish you all the very best. With prayers... Pete.

Pete Jones ( St Thomas the Apostle, Wallasey, Merseyside.

Hi. Your Web site was reccomended to me by a friend of your current minister. I've found it very impressive. Our church does not have one, yours would be a good one to follow.

Ian Taylor. ( Coulby Newham Baptist Church. Middlesbrough.

You have an excellent church web site which is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. The information is very informative and attractively presented. Through your links page I was able to re-establish contact with one of my previous pastors at Cleveleys for the first time in over 10 years.
Your site has made me think about establishing a web site for our own church - I know where to come for advice now !
Keep up the good work in the Lord's service !

Barry Silcock ( Coulby Newham Baptist Church, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.

I pass your church every day and attended the mother and toddler group when my children were little. It was very interesting reading the history of the church/area.

Tracey Hayward ( Hounslow.

I just wanted to tell you I always enjot visiting your site, it so well designed and maintained. I still hope to visit the church and the surrounding area soon.

Brent Whitton ( First Baptist Church. Olive Hill, Kentucky. USA

I have not viewed all of your sites but am so very impressed with what I have seen thus far. Am hoping to get information in the future as I share this info with our Pastor as a new ministry in our area. Thank you and God Bless

Diana Gierhart ( Grace Baptist Church, Elko, Nevada. USA.

This site is looking better each time you update. I like to visit it regularly, it's like taking a trip to the UK.

Geoff Brooke (gbrooke& Campbelltown City Baptist Church, Campbelltown. Australia.

Once again I have enjoyed a visit to your web site. I love the architecture and furnishings of your church.

Gervis Eye ( First Baptist Church, Potosi. USA.

Wonderful to find that Whitton is moving with the times. Some of the pictures bring back happy memories as I attend the church for many years in my youth.

Stanley Stormont (Stanley.Stormont). Okehampton. U.K.

Loved visiting my old home church and seeing what's happened over the years. I'll be back.Thanks too for all the useful links.

Sue Hart ( Alice Springs Baptist, Alice springs, Australia.

very interesting site

J. Hann ( Winchmore Hill Baptist, London N21.

Very informative web site. Thanks,

Andrew McAllan. St Jude's Anglican, Oakville. Canada.

I have enjoyed receiving your update information for almost a year. I still appreciate your well done web page. I understand you have a new pastor. I pray that the Lord will give him a very fruitful ministry.

Rev. Vernon Wickliffe (retired) ( Baring Cross Baptist Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas. United States.

I never thought I'd visit my home church so easily! Good to know you're alive and kickin'

Rev Barrie Duke ( Baptist Church, Inwardleigh, Devon.

Congratulations upon an interesting and professional web site. I have enjoyed reading about your church even though I am not of your denomination. As a child during 1939-1945 I lived at 18 Jublilee Avenue, Whitton with my parents and sister. I have many memories of that time and browsing your web site brought them to the fore. I must have cycled past your church many times but I cannot seem to recall it. Sorry! My next task is to find a map! In Australia, four hours driving from here is a little village called Whitton. I visited it one day and found it was named after a Mr Whitton who was an English railway engineer. I believe he pioneered the railways in Australia. I wonder if Whitton UK is named after him too!

Margaret Sargent ( Jamison Anglican church, Aranda, Canberra. Australia.

I find that having my last name on a church very interesting. I will go through your web pages in great detal. Must vist next time I come over.

Harry J. Whitton Jr. ( St. Sabastion RC, Barefoot Bay, Florida. USA

great site , i was just surfing when i found you! our church has been without a pastor now for 18 months, and we have lost quite a few members during this time - they've left to go to other local churches who have a pastor. we did have a large amount of young people, but they too have left. we'd appreciate your prayers that the lord will find us someone soon.

mandi, mike , tegan & connor walker ( hadleigh baptist church, benfleet, essex.

I enjoy getting your monthly update...It is interesting to read about your weekly activities and programs..I will continually visit your site for your updates...

Gervis J. Eye ( First Baptist Church, Potosi Missouri. USA.

I found your page very informative and well laid out.We too have alpha courses going at our church.

Philip Terrey ( Wanganui Central Baptist, Wanganui, New Zealand.

Comments: I commend you for a very informative home page. My ancesters came from UK and that is one big reason for my great interest in Lord's work there. May the Lord continue to bless you in His service.

Rev.Vernon C.Wickliffe ( Little Rock, Arkansas. USA.

I was looking on the web for Whitton, my last name not knowing a was a place on the globe. We have no records of our family heritage but i think this may be a start! You have a very well planned site, and I am glad to know there is a church seeing to the needs of Whitton!

Josh Whitton. Calvary Baptist Church, Pensacola FL. USA.

Wonderful site! You've done a great job and I really enjoyed my cyber tour of your church today! My father is a Baptist minister and I have just started putting a web site together for his church. It's basic right now, but if you'd like to visit, here's the address:

Mark Archer (, Oklahoma. USA.

Again I have enjoyed visiting you via internet. I am enjoying your new Web Site... It is most informative and I love the pictures. I have not yet seen everything and will visit again later..For now I must go to bed as it is 10:30 PM.I will pray for God to provide just the right man to pastor your beautiful chruch. He seems to know just what we need. Good bye for now.

Gervis J. Eye ( First Baptist Church, Potosi. USA.

Greetings from sunny Peckham. Nice site - might nick a few ideas (g).

Steve Cleary ( Lane Chapel, Peckham. London

An interesting visit. I found you while trying to locate the FIEC.

Jeff Boyden ( Colney Baptist Church.

I have enjoyed reading about your church. We are in the process of building our facility. If I have the opportunity of visiting in England, I hope to worship at your church. God bless you in all your endeavors. Larry Parker, Pastor

Larry Parker ( Athol Baptist Church, Athol, ID. USA.

Strangely, I find peace knowing that there is a church with my surname and is of the same general denomination as myself. I believe my family originally came from England and I am hoping someday to travel to Whitton to do further research. I enjoy your homepage. Thank you, Brent Whitton.

Brent Whitton ( First Baptist, Olive Hill, Ky. USA.

I enjoyed very much the presentation of your beautiful church...I have been to England in 1961 as a buddy and I traveled to Scotland to visit his relatives...We flew to Cambridge and went by train to Scotland...A very wonderful experience.. I am so happy to hear that the Baptist faith is thriving in England...May God's richest blessings be with your work there.. I would enlist your prayers for myself, my family and the First Baptist Church of Potosi Missouri. I will do likewise In his precious name..

Gervis J. Eye Deacon ( First Baptist Church, Potosi, Missouri, USA.

Exciting site. I think the links to christian resources are excellent. We are looking at establishing a site for our own church soon and I have been looking at others for ideas. You may find a link to the home page of John Mark Ministries (run by Rev Dr. Rowland Croucher - Victorian Baptist Pastor) a useful resource for christian articles on many subjects. He used to be our senior pastor when we attended Blackburn Baptist in Melbourne. He was excellent. The internet address for Rowland is Thank you for some good inspiration.

Bob Boucher ( Mitcham Baptist.Melbourne. Australia.

I am well impressed to see the way that God's people have been able to grab hold of this new medium and use it to show what God is STILL doing in this country today!! Praise Him.

John Elkins ( Lockerley Baptist, Nr Romsey, Hants. England.

I am a member of the Girls' Brigade - an officer, even - so I know of you, but I thought I'd say "Hello" now that I've found you on the net! God bless you all.

Suzanne Miller ( King`s Hall Methodist, Southall, England.

Thanks for a good site.

Unni and Haakon Rudnick ( Baptist Church, Arendal. Norway.

Its really great to see how the use of modern technology can be used to help fulfill part of our great commission Matt 28:19.

John Elkins ( Lockerley Baptist Church, Romsey, Hants. England.

Your site has given me the opportunity to enjoy a "virtual visit" to a Baptist Church in England! How lovely it would be to hear you sing, and to meet you face to face. May the Lord soon guide you to your new pastor.

Thomas Eden ( Place Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Nice to see your site, we are only just thinking about a site, afraid most of our congregation, are rather afraid of the computer and it's technology.

Cliff Douthwaite ( Methodist

I wanted to offer my congratulationson a great Web site. It's a wonderful resource, and really helps to sum up Alpha. I am designing a Web site for my church here in Mississauga (a suburb of Toronto), where we plan to run Alpha again this fall.

Greg Brownar ( St. Luke's Anglican Church, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Good stuff. Haven't seen half of it yet. All best wishes... See you around no doubt.

Bob Warwicker ( Twickenham URC. Twickenham, Middlesex. UK

Great site - fantastic information. An address, phone or fax number somewhere would be great, plus an e-mail address (?) are the only suggestions. God bless.

Wayne Matheson ( Andrew's, Whangarei. New Zealand.

God Bless you.Keep on this ministry.

Rosber Neves Almeida ( Memorial Baptist Church, Brasilia, DF. Brazil

Thrilled to find a church with such a well constructed web site - congratulations!

Tony J. Salt ( Pear Tree Road Baptist Church, Derby, UK

I enjoyed your home page very much. My ancestors came from Scotland (around Edinburgh I believe) during the 1830s. They emigrated first to Canada and then to the states (upstate NY) during the 1840s. I was surfing the net and stumbled upon your page. Nice work!

George W. Whitton (whitapeh@borg). Stone Presbyterian Church, Clinton, NY, USA.

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