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Tyesley Locomotive Works.

Open Day.

Saturday 22nd June 2019.

GWR Castle class no.5080 Defiant.

LMS Jubilee class no.5593 Kolhapur.

LMS Jubilee class no.45596 Bahamas.

LMS Jubilee class no.45596 Bahamas.

45596 Bahamas and 5593 Kolhapur.

GWR 57xx class Pannier tank no.9600.

The cabs of GWR Manor class no.7812 Erlestoke Manor and GWR Hall class no.4936 Kinlet Hall in the workshop.

GWR 57xx class Pannier tank no.7760 under repair in the workshop.

GWR 57xx class Pannier tank no.7752 on the demonstration line.

The star of the open day, Stephenson's Rocket.

Stephenson's Rocket and 7752 on the demonstration line.

Three cheers for the Rocket.

Rocket in action.

An interesting line-up in the loco works 'new build' GWR Grange class no.6880 Betton Grange,
4936 Kinlet Hall and BR class 8 no.71000 Duke of Gloucester.

The surviving one of Tyseley's two turntables, the roundhouse that they were in was demolished years ago.

GWR Hall class no.4965 Rood Ashton Hall.

The recently restored GWR castle class no.7029 Clun Castle.

7029 Clun Castle.

4965 Rood Ashton Hall.

Tyseley's new build 'Pioneer Intercity Train'. A reconstuction of an LNWR 'Bloomer' no.670.
When built in 1850 these were the fastest standard gauge express locos of their time.
It's currently missing its driving wheels but when completed this will be the only
working 2-2-2 single driver locomotive in Britain.

670's driving wheels.

670's driving wheels.

GWR Castle class no.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

The footplate of the Rocket.

Rocket on the demonstation line giving rides.

Rocket on the demonstation line. Passenger acommodation was strictly 'cattle truck' class
No roof, no windows or window glass and certainly no seats.

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