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South Devon Railway.
21st July 2023.

GWR 1366 class no.1369 approaching Staverton.

1369 arriving at Staverton.

Staverton signal box.

Staverton signal box lever frame.

Staverton signal box instrument shelf.
(interior photos taken with kind permission of the signalman)

Class 09 no.D3721 at Staverton (not in public service).

Two GWR Toad brake vans at Staverton.

1369 at Buckfastleigh.

1369 at Buckfastleigh.

1369 preparing to take a train out of Buckfastleigh.

1369 waiting to depart from Buckfastleigh.

1369 at Totnes Riverside.

1369 taking on water at Totnes Riverside.

1369 waiting to depart from Buckfastleigh.

D3721 shunting class 33 no.33002 Sea King and class 25 no.D7535 at Buckfastleigh.

Class 112 'Bubblecar' DMU at Buckfastleigh.

GWR 4575 class no.5526 at Buckfastleigh.

D3721 shunting coaches at Buckfastleigh.

1369 approaching Buckfastleigh.

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