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The Hovercraft Museum.

The only hovercraft museum in the world.
20th July 2019.

A model of the SRN1 hovercraft.

SRN6 twin prop 'Super 6'

SRN6 twin prop 'Super 6'

Griffon 2000TDX military hovercraft.

CC7 military hovercraft.

SRN6 Sea Hawk commercial passenger carrying hovercraft.

SRN6 Sea Hawk.

SRN6 pilot's position.

SRN6 pilot's controls.

SRN6 navigator's position.

SRN5 military hovercraft.

SRN5 military hovercraft.

Inside the SRN5.

SRN5 pilot's position.

SRN5 pilot's controls.


The SRN4 is the world's largest commercial car carrying hovercraft.

The SRN4 weighs 300 tons and is over 60 yards long.

The huge car deck can hold 60 cars.

The car deck looking towards the rear doors.

The overhead cabin controls the front and rear doors of the car deck.

Inside the passenger deck of the SRN4.

The SRN4 could carry 418 passengers.

Inside the passenger deck of the SRN4.

This steep narrow ladder leads up to the flight deck.

The flight deck of The Princess Anne is on top of the hovercraft.

Inside the flight deck of SRN4 Swift, this is the only part that remains of the Swift.

The pilot and co-pilot's controls.

There are a vast array of dials.

The navigators radar.

A Proteus gas turbine engine.

The SRN4 had four of these engines to power its four lift motors and fans.

One of the SRN4's four fans. The fan blades are 21 feet long.

Marineswift a six seater hovercraft.

An Osprey hovercraft used in the James Bond film 'Die Another Day'.

A Slingsby hovercraft used in the James Bond film 'Die Another Day'.

Two hovercraft built during the TV show 'Scrapheap Challenge'.

The BH7 military patrol hovercraft.

The BH7 hovercraft.

The BH7 hovercraft.

Inside the cargo deck of the BH7.

Inside the BH7's Opps Room.

Inside the BH7's Ward Room, the hatch at the end is the serving hatch from the kitchen.

Looking up into the BH7's flight deck.

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Photographs © 2019 Peter Boulter

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