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The Engine House.

20th July 2016

LMS Black 5 no.45110
(the last BR-owned standard gauge steam locomotive to haul a service on the national network.)

Longmoor Military Railway WD 'Austerity' no.600 Gordon.

Manchester Ship Canal Railway no.686 The Lady Armaghdale.

BR 2MT no.46443.

LMS 3F no.47383.

GWR 4300 class no.7325.

LMS 8F no.48773.

LMS 8F no.48773.

BR 2MT no.46443.

BR 4MT no.80079.

GWR Pump trolley.

BR 4MT no.80079,and Traveling Post Office van.

Inside the TPO.

LMS Black 5 no.45110

LMS 8F no.48773 and LMR no.600 Gordon.

BR 2MT no.46443.

LMR no.600 Gordon.

LMR no.600 Gordon.

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