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A Different Perspective.
A collection of different, experimental and weird pictures.
Should we explain our creative photos? Add your view here.

Space loco.

Stonehenge in space.

Stonehenge Triangle.

Stonehenge Pentagon.
More Stonehenge pictures here.

Cube Fusion.

Cosmic Cubes.

The Impossible Cubes.


Sally B.

F4 Phantom.

Watchet Harbour.

On Saturn's moon.

Moon landing.



Cubic universe.

The puzzle of Battersea power station.

The Great Conservatory jigsaw.
More pictures here

Brean beach.

Brean beach.

Brean beach.

Bodiam Castle - comic book style.
More pictures of Bodiam Castle here

Snow Globe cube.

Three Castles in a cube.
Bodiam Castle, Nunney Castle and Dunster Castle.

Wedmore Church Snow Globe.
More pictures of Wedmore Church here

Christmas Snow Globe.

The Nativity in a lightbulb.

A ship in a lightbulb, it makes a change from a ship in a bottle.

5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

Whitton Baptist Church, Whitton, Middlesex.

Bleadon Parish Church, Somerset.

Whitton Baptist Church, Whitton, Middlesex.

St Edmonds Church, Whitton, Middlesex.

St.Phillip and St.James Church, Whitton, Middlesex.

Statue in Oxford.

Bodiam Castle.

The Cross at Glastonbury Abbey.

More pictures of Glastonbury Abbey.

The Old Market Cross.

Dunster Castle.
(Original picture)

34007 Wadebridge.

34007 Wadebridge.

More pictures of 34007.

Westminster Cathedral.

5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

More pictures of 5043

Tree Rings.

The Log.

Battersea Power Station.

More pictures of the power station.

Rusty rivets on the overbridge at Clapham Junction.

60163 Tornado

More pictures of Tornado

The Tree.

The church on Burrow Mump.

More pictures of Burrow Mump.

Wells Cathedral.

More pictures of Wells Cathedral.

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