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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.
26th August 2019.

Janice a 3'6" gauge South African Railways class 25NC no.3405.

Yorkshire Engine Co. no.2498 Chislet

Andrew Barclay no.699 Swanscombe

6989 Wightwick Hall

Metropolitan no.1


Hawthorne Lesley no.3718 (no.4)

LSWR Beattie Well Tank no.30585

Metropolitan no.1

6989 Wightwick Hall

6989 Wightwick Hall

Beattie Well Tank no.30585

6989 Wightwick Hall on the demonstration line


Bagnal no.2469 with the brake van.

Miniature Railway.

P2 no.2006 Wolf of Badenoch


Great Northern Stirling Single

Badger no.1

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Photographs © Peter Boulter 2019

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