Building the railway

The MVR as it now exists was constructed in three phases.
As originally planned the section shown here as 'phase 1' was all that was intended to be built.
Phases 2 and 3 were not part of the original plan.

Phase 1 : The initial layout - started: May 2018

Construction of the main board.

An undercoat of paint.

Track laying in progress.

More track laying.

The start of scenic works.

The basic outline of the wharf board.

First coat of paint on the main board.

First coat of paint on the quarry board.

The start of scenic work on the main station.

Phase 2 : The (originally unplanned) extension - started: April 2019

Construction under way.

The baseboard is complete.

First coat of paint.

Tracklaying finished.

The start of scenic works.

Progress on the scenic work.

The station and wharf areas are added.

More basic scenic work.

More basic scenic work.

Phase 3 : The (totally unplanned) second extension - started: February 2020

The new baseboard completed.

Trackwork being laid.

The start of scenic work.
The gap left by the removal of the original scenery can be see on the right.

More scenic work.

The roadway and station platforms are added.

The station building and houses are put in place.

Work progressing on the redevelopment of the quarry.

The new winding houses for the upper and lower quarry inclines are added.

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Photographs © Peter Boulter 2019 - 2020

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